Spirit Cacao

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Meet Our Team


FOUNDER / Co-Owner

Dan Pauro is an experienced spirit and breathwork Facilitator residing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia with his wife Holly and 5 amazing children.
As a man of Maori descent, his physical, spiritual, and ancestral connection to Mother Earth exists at a peaceful and arresting place called Ranana, found along the Wanganui River, on New Zealand’s North Island.
As a boy growing up, he struggled to understand the world and what was expected: his heart was quieted and coarsened at an early age.
It took years, if not decades, for the lessons that were imparted upon him to really be heard. Only then when he started to hear his soul’s purpose and understand the real work that needed to be done was he able to submit and be spiritually guided.
He yielded to the call with tenderness and conviction.
He formed a deep relationship with Cacao some time ago now and it was a huge piece to his awakening.
He is the Founder of Spirit Cacao and Spirit Breathwork and he believes it is a deep honour to share the medicine of Mumma Cacao and work with the farmers of North Peru to bring this medicine to everyone.



Beck Hall grew up in Tasmania and has lived in QLD for over 20 years also residing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and is Mum to Mabel, a gorgeous Golden Retriever. Beck works alongside Dan Pauro of Spirit Breathwork and Facilitates Yoga Teacher Trainings also.
Beck is dedicated to her health and happiness, and a life that is fueled by purpose and driven by passion.
She joined Dan in the business of Spirit Cacao a short while ago and together they are sharing this medicine within their Community, including throughout local cafes, wellness clinics and health stores. The goal is to make our product accessible for everyone!
They hope to make a trip to North Peru early next year to build the relationship with the farmers ever stronger and give back to the people that so lovingly create this beautiful medicine for us to nourish our bodies with.

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